Have You Met Me?


The Game

Theme – Humour, Dating

Setting – Party

Genre – Role playing, character building

Age – 16+

Number of players – 4-10

Content – 10 Character cards, 100 Trait cards, 30 Red Flag cards.

Overview – Each player is assigned a character card, all characters have a special ability that you can use only twice during the game. On the character cards there are assigned points you need to collect. You collect these point cards by picking “Trait” cards, but beware of the “Red Flag” cards hidden within the deck. These will take away points from your score. The first player to reach 30 points (short game) or 50 points (long game) wins, ultimately finding their perfect match.

The First Step

When I first heard about this group task my head automatically went into panic mode. In all honesty, I was freaking out because I had never created a…

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