a group within a group: My Contribution in the design of the game Deadlines


As our group knows all too well, group projects can be a simultaneously rewarding and testing, yet essential part of the uni experience. This blog is to talk about the contributions of a group who created a game about the contributions of a group… yes you read that correctly, Dayle, Amy, Alicia, Elliot and myself created a real-time card game about project work.

Through an iterative loop of research, rapid ideation, playtesting and feedback, as a group we have settled on our final idea of Deadlines: The Game. Our game is a race against the clock (and your stress-o-meter) to beat the deadline! You may choose to work with your teammates or screw them over for all the glory… the choice is yours.

Our inspiration for this game arose from our discussion as a group of shared interests- we had quite a few! From Hamilton to Harry Potter and pets…

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