Mixology Madness: Individual Contribution

Hey, Honey!

During game ideation, our group sat together and discussed what we were interested in, until we had an array of topics the majority or all group members were interested in. Initially, we tossed around the idea of creating a fantasy or magic based game that somehow revolved around cocktail-making or consumption. We agreed it was best to create a ‘cocktail-making’ game to avoid deviating from the narrative too much, as it was one component we were determined to include.

The narrative then became a bartending competition, with a competitive, card and turn-based mechanic. We then drew up a table, and began brainstorming cocktails. One column contained the cocktail ideas, the second contained ingredients, and the third pictured the cocktails difficulty from one to five.

Consequently, these were added when Alex drew up the recipe cards. When we came together in the next class, we knew we had to add more…

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