Excuse me, ‘Have You Met Me?’ | A BCM300 Report

Daily Dash of Danielle

Over the past semester I’ve been working collaboratively with Ruby Losinno, Casey Darling, Seth Galvin, Jett Townsend, Tobias Thomas, and Hunter Smith to create a game entitled “Have You Met Me?”. Throughout the collaborative process of building, designing and play testing our game, I was specifically involved in crafting the logo for the game, assisting in the creation of the game mechanics and rules, whilst also assisting with the initial design of the playing cards.

Background Research

When initially coming up with the idea for this game we collaboratively decided on incorporating themes such as; love, real-time and humour. “Have You Met Me?” was originally inspired by games such as;

We used different elements of each game to come up with a basis for our game, “Have You Met Me?”. Whilst we used certain elements from each of these…

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