Abstraction Post 7

Don't Forget Stephen

The profession (if you can all it that) of a thief has been around for millennia. Though this may be true the themes running through my game leave a certain level of fantasy attached. The theme of my game sets it in the Elizabethan era (known as the golden age in England’s history) to keep the game somewhat grounded in reality.


Though the core theme and artworks will be based on this era that’s about all that keep its ties to reality. The next main idea is that of the thieves and them joining a guild. Though as established in the start thieves have been around for as long as recorded history the idea of a guild was first coined by Fritz Leiber. In his book Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser he fictionalized the idea of a thieves’ guild and made it popularized. Though the thieves’ guild has now appeared…

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