Game rules prototype

Don't Forget Stephen

With the style of game play the rules for No honor Among Thieves are not as tightly knit as most games. The main idea behind this game is one that is based of deception and lying. The main rules that I have established are as follows.

  • One can check the contents of their box.
  • Players can steal from one (EG cards/pouches) another if they aren’t caught. (you are thieves)
  • The game is never paused even if a player isn’t present.
  • Nothing can be removed or added to a pouch unless specified on a card.
  • One player may not open another player’s pouch unless specified otherwise.
  • When a disputation of the rules occurs, the matter is taken to the Thieves guild where a vote as to what will happen takes place, after that vote the rules remains the same forever.
  • When the make a rule, card is used it may not…

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