Material Experiments post 6

Don't Forget Stephen

Welcome to another post about No Honor among Thieves. This post we will be looking into materials used to develop the game and used during play testing. The first component looked at will be the coins.

(Coin image) These have gone through a few iterations but ultimately landed upon the clear/colored stones. When first starting the game only originally had 6 stones 5 clear and the 1 gold one which determined the winner. This turned into 30 coins 23 clear and 7 gold. These beads where acquired at $3 for 100 beads.IMG_1857

The next is the cards. To start the playtest I used generalized playing cards with numbers to line up with corresponding cards developed in my playtest. The totally amount of cards in this game has risen from 200+ cards. Though I have developed the design of the cards further with a custom design and layout that standardizes all…

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