BCM Blog Post 9

Players battle to catch monsters. The winner is the first player to catch all tier 3 types of monsters (grass, fire and water)


Monster cards


There are 3 types of monster cards, Fire, Water and Grass.

Fire beats Grass

Grass beats Water

Water beats Fire

Each type has 3 tiers which are labeled on the cards, Tier 1 (Lowest), Tier 2 (middle), Tier 3 (Higher).

Each Tier has certain symbols, (a star, rectangle and spirals)

There are 4 types of “balls”

Normal (red) catches tier 1

Great (Blue) catches tier 2

Ultra (green) catches tier 3

Master (Black) catches any

Tier 1 cards are shuffled and placed randomly in groups of 3

Repeat with tier 2 and 3 cards

(The bank system didn’t seem to work as I placed too many “balls” in the bank. Due to this I decided to instead distribute the balls to each player)

Each player begins with

5 Normal balls

4 Great Balls

3 Ultra Balls

1 Master ball

A players turn begins by selecting a monster to catch. Players must begin by catching tier 1 monsters before attempting to catch higher tier monsters. Only one monster can be captured per turn. Players can “evolve” their monsters by catching the higher tier of the monster they already have. E.g. first catching a fire tier 1 spiral and then catching a fire tier 2 spiral.

A masterball cannot be used on a higher tier until the player already has a monster of that tier.


My game begins with a degree of confrontation, each player is looking to see what monsters they pick and attempting to “steal” from them. An example is if the first player picks a fire monster, the second player would benefit from will picking a water monster to beat the fire. During the play test one player also “stole” a tier 3 monster from another, using the master ball. The 1st player was working their way towards a tier 3 green but the 2nd player used a master ball to get it first.

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