BCM Blog Post 8

I developed my first draft for the rules. I detailed the parts included, monster cards and chips (balls). I explained the three different types and tiers. I also explained the different types of balls used to catch different tiers. I explained how the balls are in a “bank” similar to Splendor. Each turn players can take up to two types of balls per turn.



If the player wants to take a Masterball, they can only take the master ball.

This play test of my game went well considering the players had never played it before and they needed to read my rules. The players could easily read the rules and begin playing. During this play test I implemented a “bank” system similar to Splendor instead of giving each player a certain amount of balls. The bank system didn’t seem to work as I placed too many “balls” in the bank. Next play test I will distribute the balls instead of having a “bank”. The end game became slow and boring as some players couldn’t make any moves. My fix to this is to bring the end of the game forward, next play test the winner is the first player to get a tier 3 monster of each type (grass, fire and water). The game will end much quicker and hopefully the participants will want to play again.

I also helped Eliza play test her game Volcano Run


Volcano Run is a racing game where players attempt to escape a terrifying volcano. The game is very engaging and fun as players attempt to take their turns quickly in order to escape. Eliza’s rules were very easy to follow and the game flowed well. The main suggesting I could make for her was to increase the time limit.New board design with volcano in centre

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