BCM Blog Post 9

Players battle to catch monsters. The winner is the first player to catch all tier 3 types of monsters (grass, … More

BCM Blog Post 8

I developed my first draft for the rules. I detailed the parts included, monster cards and chips (balls). I explained … More

BCM Blog Post 7

I believe my game has a great degree of abstraction. At the moment the cards are just labelled as different … More

BCM Blog Post 6

I created my prototype with A4 paper and miniature tokens. I began by cutting the paper to make small playing … More

BCM 300 Blog Post 4

Our individual contribution to the group prototype pitch was spread evenly with the exception of Jei coming up with the … More

BCM 300 Blog Post 3

We decided that there were 4 main categories for our game, we split our posts into 4 seperate ways. Jei … More

BCM 300 Blog Post 2

Our game idea is based on heroic firefighters trying to stop an arsonist from setting fire to a town. The … More

BCM 300 Blog Post 1

Splendor is a merchant based game where a player will collect gems in order to build  their empire. Splendor was … More