Individual Contribution to the Game Pitch

Abby Poposki

For the Game Pitch, I focused on the narrative, key mechanics and the distribution of the game. In Odds On, there is no definitive narrative because it is an abstract party game, however for the pitch I wrote a narrative that echoed an advertisement. I first wrote a quick monologue creating the scenario that an individual was at a really boring party, until they started playing Odds On. I thought it was important to focus on the fact that the game is designed to ignite friendly competition between friends and act as an icebreaker for strangers at parties. Moreover, Odds On does not require the use of alcohol, so anyone can join in.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 2.47.13 pm

(image source: Pitch slides)

In Odds On, the key mechanics are:

  • Turns – ensures consistency and fairness
  • Betting chips – determines the winner of the round and overall game
  • Scenario cards and power cards – constantly…

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