BCM300 – Individual Contribution to group game pitch


arsonist yeet.jpg
Within our group in our presentation of our board game ‘Arsonist Al’ we decided to create project in a prezi format in which we could all contribute a particular topic each. I ended up writing about ‘Similar products’ which I had no issue with however this meant I would have to engage with the format of board games more intimately as it required research and an investigation of how we defined this genre. The first thing I thought about when beginning this research was how I personally had enjoyed games like ‘Mario party’ while Mario party is a video game, boardgame my interest Mario party was more to do with the mini games in Mario party. Within mini-games on the Mario party video game, often there would be games in which four players would compete against each other in 1v3 scenario. As such I related this to our own board…

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