Streamers & Characters Interactions in the Perspective of Gender – BCM215 Pitch

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One spoken about topic in our ever changing world is the representation of gender in our mass media. Media is forever able to influence our opinion and is ever impressionable on individuals.

Looking particularly at one of the biggest online media service, we are presented with Twitch. An online streaming platform where individuals can stream videogames online for an audience to watch. According to Mediakix, an influencer marketing agency, Twitch users consume 71 million hours of content a day with an average of 15 million daily active users. Such a large audience and user amount quite means that it could be considered quite the influential platform in the right hands.

Videogames in today’s world are just as a higher form of entertainment than any other. But what I seek to learn about is the interaction between characters in videogames and the individuals that livestream the game, but more critically…

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