BCM 215 Pitch: A Symphony of Rip and Tear

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There is a common belief currently that soundtracks should offer only wallpaper to the story and gameplay and aren’t meant to take up a majority of the attention. This concept however does not apply to Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal as the score for both these games takes centre stage. The overwhelming positive feedback to these soundtracks elicits an exploration into its construction and reaction. The joke ‘This soundtrack comes with its own full game’ can be found on almost ever video relating to both these titles. But how do we conclude the reasoning for its success beyond its relativity.

Firstly if we look at a study conducted at MSc Sound and Music, We see fairly large percentages of players who turn of or replace the games soundtrack especially for shooters which Doom is categorised under. However you would be hard press to find someone who plays Doom that does…

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