The Disaster of SimCity 5

Georgie O'Brien

SimCity logo via Reddit:

Is SimCity a bad game? It wasn’t supposed to be. With five core releases within the series, SimCity had been quite popular since its original release in 1989. So what happened? In March 2013, Electronic Arts (EA) announced a reboot of SimCity a decade after the latest release. This time with a new online multiplayer mode alongside the introduction of the GlassBox engine, which would provide players with the power to impact Sims lives, manage city-level simulation, and balance multiple cities at once. Unfortunately the game did not live up to the hype that it experienced prior to the release, and here’s why:

Failure to launch

Releasing a reboot of a game with such a large following, particularly when said game has been talked up in the media ahead of release, you would hope EA would ensure their servers would be able to handle the…

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