I Had A Passion 4 Fashion

Georgie O'Brien

Textual analysis means interrogating the interests of powerful social groups and their use of myths.

– BCM215 week 2 lecture.

Majority of my childhood gaming experience consisted of either being absolutely annihilated in sports or racing games against my brothers, or sitting in the distance observing them play together. The day I was gifted Bratz: Rock Angelz for the PlayStation 2 was the day I finally got to be the one holding the controller, playing a game I was actually good at. The 2005 adventure game radiates nostalgic energy which I’m certain many others relate to (I mean, the replacement of the letter “s” to “z” in the title is major Y2K energy). Acknowledging this, focusing on the element of nostalgia would be key when analysing this game. Bratz: Rock Angelz was released for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Gameboy Advance and PC; but for the purpose of this analytical…

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