Tentacle Scramble: I sure am glad someone else was in charge of naming it.

Katrina's Game Design

I was gonna call it octoparty. Yours is better.

Blake’s Tentacle Scramble Prototype.

Tecticle party was a fun group effort for everyone involved. We all came up with the idea based on a story Richard told us, about developing games with the plot of “*X* but with mermaids.” We eventually moved away from the mermaid idea but kept the fun Light-hearted under the sea vibe, eventually becoming a one-armed octopus looking for food and survival.

Throughout the brainstorming process, I began assisting when we came up with the idea for the project, proving ideas on how to increase difficulty in the form of predators like sharks, otters and fishermen. Some of these ideas, like the shark attacking Otto, made it into the game thematically but not into the actual gameplay. Blake and I also posed the idea of having Microplastics as a game item that could cause you to loose…

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