Group Game: Tentacle Scramble

Utter Omnishambles

We Dislike Sticks consists of Blake, Jordan, Kate, and myself.


For this project, I was grouped with three extremely creative, outspoken people and, by comparison, this made me the weakest link in the group. This isn’t anyone’s fault (or even a particularly negative thing) but instead an example of my natural predisposition to observe and absorb during conversations instead of actively participating. Due to this, my recommendations during the brainstorming part of our project were minimal and rudimentary. I’m using this as a chance to learn where my weaknesses are in group work.

As it stands, I’m a passive team member and prefer to do the behind the scenes work, where I can make sure everything is cohesive and where it needs to be. My contributions to the presentation were all largely organisational. I took the initiative in setting up our group chat and making sure everyone had access…

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