Bored in Class? Play Board Games


Game: Rhino Hero

Ages: 5+

Developer: Scott Frisco, Steven Strumpf

Publisher: HABA

Illustrator: Thies Schwarz

Caillois Category / Spectrum: The Caillois Category in which Rhino Hero falls under is the Agon (Competitive), meaning competition is central and skill determines whether the player is successful. The category can be furthered analysed through the spectrum between Paidia and Ludus (Egenfeldt-Nielson, et al, 2008).

Theme/ Genre/ Setting

Rhino Hero is a children’s game that was available to purchase at German Supermarkets just before the checkout. As I had never played Rhino Hero before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I came to find it was very similar to games such as Jenga and Kerplunk which also fall under the genre of children’s games. All involve an element of a combined effort but ultimately there is only one winner.

As I had stated in my audio, Rhino Hero provides cards that are all…

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