Splendor Isn’t Splendid But Golems Are Pretty Cool

Utter Omnishambles

I’ve spent the past four weeks of BCM300 playing board games…a lot of board games.

In particular, I want to focus on two very similar games; one from week one and one from week three. Both Splendor and Century: Golem Edition are Eurogames, one of the several genres within the hobby gaming industry.

I’ve always been big on board games so I find myself much more engaged by hobby games than by mass market games. Eurogames emphasize strategy and can be considered the polar opposite of random chance / dice games. A large amount of Eurogames revolve around resource management and/or engine-building, where your turns consist of collecting resources that can be traded for pieces that increase game points, create or transform resources, or interact with other pieces in your hand.

Both games are ludic in nature, as they have detailed rules and specific winning conditions. Though paidia…

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