Mai Dang

My initial plan was a series of video essays exploring the meaning-making through The Sims Gameplay. Specifically, I set out to analyze The Sims through 3 different aspects: 

  1. The Sims as projected personality and values in simulated life 
  2. The Sims as representation of late capitalism
  3. The Sims as one’s own – modding and the new relationship between gamers and gameplay

As I was doing research and gathering information to formulate the scripts for my videos, I began to realize how much information is out there. I started out by engaging with fellow Sims players, asking about their experience with Sims and whether they think that Sims is a portrayal of themselves. My question was posted on Reddit and Tumblr via direct messages, through which the feedback was extremely varied and showcases how the Sims community is profoundly diverse. 

My experience with the Sims also change day by day as I…

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