Exploring communicating affect of ‘Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime’

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More about the inspiration

There have been a considerable amount of articles that focus on the EFFECTs of video games, whether playing games can lead the players to be more violent or more pro-social. With my DA, I want to answer the question: “Do the ways we communicate while playing games reflect our actual communicating traits, especially in a context of romantic relationships?”. Lovers in a dangerous spacetime is the chosen game to be examined with a specific console Nintendo Switch. Towards the end of my research, I also hope to find the answer to: “Can playing coop games have therapeutic benefits for couples, especially in having a healthier communication with each other?” 

The Analytical Framework

In their paper “The history of INTERNET Games and Play”, Mitew & Moore (2017) have made a fundamental point that says human is not the only agency…

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