BCM 215 CALLED ME OUT!! (my response) (not clickbait)

Chris Gwynne

So here we are with another BCM 215 blog post, and for my beta video essay, I decided to address the major responses from my comments from my pitch.  In addition to this, I also chose to show what the format of the video essay would look like by investigating and researching into the topic to start off the discussion.

I didn’t actually state the approach I would take (structuralist/post-structuralist), instead leaving it til now. I decided that when making an analysis of this topic, its important to show both the data and the information the data provides. It’s useful to have explicit statistics, sources, citings and all that (structuralist), if you don’t make meaning of it (post-structuralist) then it’s pretty much incomprehensible and no conclusions or opinions can be drawn from what has been displayed.

One of the more common comments that were made on my previous post was…

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