Nostalgia and Replayability: BCM215 Beta

Memoirs of An Idiot

If you missed my pitch and can’t be bothered to watch the video above, the project I am doing my BCM 215 DA this semester is based around the concept of replayability, but this time around, for the beta, I have introduced a new area of focus for my research and my video essay. That area of focus is on nostalgia, a relatively unquantifiable but nevertheless very important part of a video games lasting impact. According to Wikipedia, nostalgia is designed as sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations, so it’s no wonder that video games that we played as a child are high on our list of our favourite games to play.

Since the pitch a month ago I’ve received some good feedback from fellow students and tutors alike, that has helped shape my artefacts direction. Originally I was focused solely…

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