GOING AFK! BCM215 Pitch – Is cyberbullying and online harassment prevalent throughout online gaming?

Kiki Paige

Cyberbullying: the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

Cyberbullying has become such an incredible phenomenon that is progressively spreading throughout many different platforms, especially through online and multiplayer gaming. Once on the internet, teenagers are exposed to all types of risks, including cyberbullying, identity theft, invasion of privacy, adult language and explicit content, and predators who could lurk behind a fake profile on social media or a gaming community. It’s common for bullies to flock to cyberspace and online video games to harass others as it is convenient for them. 

However, bullying through online gaming can be more than just people who play video games for the sheer “satisfaction” of harassing other players; it can also be reflected through online hackers, viruses, and trolling. Anonymity of players and the use of avatars allow users to create alter-egos or fictional versions of themselves…

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  1. Hey, great pitch video firstly! It was clear and very easy to understand, and very well spoken. I think that your topic is an important one, it’s definitely something that occurs online, and finding out how prevalent can only be a good thing. I believe a survey is a great way to find information about this topic as it could be possibly considered sensitive to talk about, and this gives you a way to get permission as-well as offer anonymity for the people taking the survey.
    Podcasts are also a great what to offer people detailed information as they dont need to completely designate time to hear it.
    I found a thread on reddit about a game called Rocket League and how the users believe it is “ruining the game” it may be somewhat useful? Maybe https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/8i1yjs/cyberbullying_is_ruining_this_game/

    I think your pitch was done well and the blog post was short and basic but contained information that complimented to video and direction of your DA, which I am keen to see the results of.


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