The Minecraft Aesthetic

Daily Dash of Danielle

My digital artefact is based around the digitally animated world of Minecraft, I will be curating a series of 3 video essays that explores different aspects of the game and the recent popularity spike. Minecraft has always be a favourable game, whether that be for the nostalgic game play, the pixilated aesthetic or the endless space to create. (FOSI Staff, 2014)

Minecraft has been extremely impactful on the world, demonstrated by the mandatory incorporation of the game into Sweden’s schooling curriculum to help children “learn about city planning, environmental issues, getting things done”(M. Arbeiter, 2015). As well as Danish people using the game to ‘use the appeal of gaming to draw the public’s attention to geographical data’. (B. Lanks, 2014)

Furthermore, as a part of my research I will also be looking into the recent spike in popularity as well as the overall success…

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