Loot boxes – Are you in luck or just a loser?

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Are you in luck or just a loser?

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Loot boxes have recently become a rampant force in video games, but have only recently been popularised by the current era of popular games. Unfortunately, they are quickly becoming known as a ‘cash grab’ by many gamers, given their un-ethical nature that many gaming companies have forced upon them.

Why gamers hate loot boxes

Although loot boxes can have valuable items that make the purchase of the loot box worth it, most of the time they don’t. As a result of this, many gamers view loot boxes as gambling, which isn’t at all what they want to see in a video game. If gambling being in a video game isn’t bad enough, companies further abuse this system, making a single loot box incredibly hard to obtain just by playing the game, essentially making the purchase of loot boxes via…

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