Cementing the Game Rules & Class Reflection

Final Rules

My rulebook has not adapted from my last post, because choose-your-own-adventure game rulebooks, by convention, are barely necessary. Because they’ve adapted from novels – which obviously do not contain a rulebook – and are self-explanatory, very few rules are needed. Feedback from Richard reinforced to me the importance of keeping this simple, and that it is perfectly okay to state the staple mechanics.

Simulation Mindy rulebook

Class Reflection

I knew my artefact would take a long time to build and so I began it at the beginning of the semester. As I learned about game design and my ideas shifted, I’ve been updating the prototype consistently. Thus this subject has effectively taught me to build a plane while it’s flying. The constant development and goal of continuous improvement is something I will take forward in my public relations studies and future career.

Initially, I’d been planning to separate The Simulation…

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