BCM300 – Abstraction of Game Concept

Mark Johnson

My games theme is abstracted in a way of dungeon crawling being something that can be physically achieved in the real world but in my game the dungeon is randomly generated, has enemy encounters and resource pickups that have no relation to real life.

The win/loss conditions are also further abstracted as getting to the end of the dungeon is the goal and results in the game ending as the real life equivalent would be that there needs to be an escape situation or phase of the game.

this is something that could be implemented, when the goal is reached board pieces could be picked up and reshuffled turning the end goal to be the start or the exit/entrance to the dungeon.

In this class I was able to play test my own game and get feedback;

Detail path combinations 0=wall 1=clear 2=Bomb path. This would make it easier to…

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