III: Initial Individual Ideas

As part of our individual learning within BCM 300 students have been asked to develop a game in order to demonstrate our ability to document creative processes; prototyping, playtesting and production. In reading over the subject notes I stumbled upon Jesse Schell’s Art of Game Design, which led me to a book review on Gamasutra, which provided the image seen below, a fairly straightforward map of comprehensive game design. This post will provide a brief account of my initial ideas involved in the game I hope to create, with direct reference to the aforementioned map.

image002 Shell’s map of game design Source: Gamasutra

From my point of view as the designer my motives for creating this game are to satisfy the assessment criteria to the best of my ability, link back the game to my area of enquiry in my BCM325 Future Cultures coursework with the hopes that the…

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