OSRS vs Runescape 3 – Video & Contextual Essay

James Burnes

What a great video. Am I right? Of course I am! But I’m sure you’re just dying to know how I got here, and the steps on the journey to finalising my DA. It all began with the first blog post, where I considered how I would position my analytical framework to eventually analyse and discuss Runescape, which I knew off the bat would be a good option because it’s an old game and has a massive amount of discourse and cultural relevance for the MMORPG genre. I knew the focus would be on the two versions of the game and the way the community looked at them, but I wasn’t sure what specifically I would say about it. Many of these formative ideas came from subject material and lectures, especially the ideas of textual & structural analysis, technique and post-structuralism, which ended up massively guiding my research and…

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