Trying to be a ‘Beta’ Flash Gamer

Bonnie Stonestreet

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I’ve found it hard to gain engagement on TikTok as flash games are very niche (and obviously less popular than big platforms like Steam games and consoles like PlayStation). While most interactions have been likes or unrelated comments, I’ve had a couple of comments saying certain flash games brought back memories and were useful. I concluded that one form of content which may be useful to create for future is directing people to places that they can play HTML5 converted and emulated flash games.

TikTok’s and comments taken from my TikTok account @flashgamenostalgia

My analytical framework is helping to develop my understanding and analysis of flash games, history, and nostalgia. My concept of technology has been useful looking into the creation of Adobe flash, which I’ve gone into more depth on in my previous blog post. Articles from

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