Old School Runescape: Community Involvment Makes for a Better Gaming Experience


For my Digital Artifact, I am looking to delve deeper into the community history and involvement of the game Old School Runescape in order to represent how through nostalgia and participatory media culture the game narrative has changed in order to meet the demands of their demographic, simultaneously boosting its popularity. The importance of this research will be to highlight the benefits of participatory culture in making and continuously updating a game.

Below is an outline of my field site which I have documented and condensed into the following categories: access, places, people, agency, motivation, inspiration and content. This field site not only consists of official OSRS resources, but manly accumulates fan resources that document the lore and history of Old School Runescape from the perspective of the audience.

I will be achieving this by uploading a YouTube video once a week, to be released on Sundays, reflecting upon any…

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