I Just Wanna Make Explosions, Damn it.

Katrina's Game Design

I played many different games over the last four weeks. Some that were plot heavy, long and complicated, and some that were short and simple. Some I loved, some I hated, some were just kind of… there. For ease of marking and to best consolidate my thoughts into a readable medium, I’m deciding to talk specifically about two games, one that I loved and one that I loathed, and what creative decisions the game designers made that made me feel that way.

Unstable unicorns:

Unstable unicorns is pretty. It’s not a game I enjoyed, but it’s very pretty.

A small selection of cards from the game, to showcase the cutesy art style.

The unboxing of this game was relatively harmless and fun, flicking through the cards and looking at the art for all of them in the process of shuffling. However, when I noticed the A3, double-sided overly intimidating rules…

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