Gender Sexualisation In Games – Final Thoughts

michaela shales

BCM215 (Game Media Industries) Contextual Report

By Michaela Shales

  • Index
    • Background
    • Ideation
    • Methodology
    • Background Research
    • Response to Feedback
    • References


The aim of my digital artefact was to explore gender sexualisation in video games. As a result I have submitted three blog posts that examine three different types of game media that all include forms of gender sexualisation in different ways. The games I explored were Chapter: Interactive Stories, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Street Fighter.


In the beginning, I wanted to research gender sexualisation in video games by playing a game called Chapters: Interactive Stories and post YouTube videos of my experience. As it was made clear in my beta I was not interested in playing games. Therefore, I changed my DA to creating blog posts. I found this was a great way to do something that I enjoy which is researching and put my findings…

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