Critical Reflection of Comments

Casey Lydia


Caroline Forsey effectively defines the concept of the feedback loop as ‘output used as input that allows for an iteration cycle’. Put simply, it is the process of using feedback to create a better product. When undertaking digital ventures, the repetition and continual improvement enabled by the iterative cycle is everything. The more iterations that are made allow for more opportunities for feedback, and thus provide more chances for growth. Through self analysis of the feedback I have provided to the digital artefact’s ofAshlan,GraceandLaura, I have been grown my understanding of this concept.


Ashlan’s digital artefact is one that I found really engaging. She explores the relationship between marketing and gaming culture through blog posts. Her project utility is evident! I contributed to her work through discussion of utilising feedback loops. While Ashlan was great at taking on board feedback, I…

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