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As you would call me a ‘none gamer girl’ I found it hard to get my head around this project task and to pick a niche video game. After consideration I decided on Mario kart which I was familiar with and played when I was younger and have recently aswell. I have gained some inspiration from social media and then created a Tiktok account that is easy and convenient to use, it is a very popular platform with all sorts of content.

https://punkee.com.au/mario-kart-isolation-memes/98339 This article explains how relatable Mario kart and para text is to the public that allows more interaction and likability. Paratext including music, character build and colour attract a niche audience. Nintendo has adapted with changing times on video platforms, app store and in-store physical games such as hot wheels track and the WII. As you could call ‘trends’ that the community have created include real…

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