Pandemic Inc

Game board.

When you feel like it

See my final rulebook here.


When this subject began I was daunted at the concept of creating a board game. It was only a little while later that I walked in on my brother playing Pandemic on his own. He had figured out a way to play Pandemic differently. It reminded me that together we had done just that several years ago. Bored on a cruise, my brother and I changed the rules of Pandemic. We were inspired by the iOS game Plague Inc. One of us played as the virus and the other, as the cooperative team. We made it both competitive and cooperative. Remembering this experience led me to do it again (and write it down this time)

Background research

Before I actually began I researched to discover whether this project was justifiable.

There are a lot of expansion packs for this game. As a result, there…

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