Traumatic Transactions – Digital Artefact

Life in the Fields


For my BCM300 Digital Artefact this semester I have created a print and board game, inspired by PennyWise and Chinses checkers. I aimed to create a fast and fun abstract strategy game that could be printed and played in any household using only a printer and household objects. In the development of Traumatic Transactions, I have learned about experience design, the logistics and importance of setting effective and accurate rules, and how to develop a print and play project.

Genre and type

Traumatic Transactions in an abstract strategy game. I took my time before settling on this genre as I was originally looking to build either a storytelling game or a social deduction game. After much internal struggle and debate, I found it hard to build a game in this genre as I had no ideas that I felt like I could elaborate on without just rebranding an…

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