Let’s Make a D&D Setting – a project pitch

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“In RPGs, the world provides the raw material and constraints that shape the possible roles, and provides a playground in which to experience and enact these roles” (Schrier, Torner, & Hammer 2018, p.349)

A couple weeks ago I began running a game of Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition) for a group of friends. None of us are particularly familiar with the game, but we’ve been having fun trying to bumble through the pre-made narrative module included in the D&D Starter Set. Part of my job as the Dungeon Master (or DM) is to prepare the scenarios my players’ will encounter, while also building up the narrative and adapting it to any actions that the players’ will take (within the fairly loose restrictions allowed by the game’s mechanics).

While the Starter Set is an adequate and entertaining introduction to the mechanics of D&D and how it work, I don’t feel…

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