BCM215 – Digital Artifact Beta: Movies based on video games.

After my pitch, I had collected many feedbacks, including comments on my blog post, informal chats with friends. Thus, I would like to give them my thanks to all of the lovely people who supported me with this project. In this video, I considered some key points in their comments and solved them. In the content of their remarks, non-academic sources were mentioned a lot, so I consulted academic articles that were suggested by my colleagues and my teacher. Final, I could find out some useful source to support my projects.

Moreover, I would like to explain my topic clearly. In my last plan, my topic is ‘Movies based on video games, and it would divide three questions with three parts:

  1. Top 5 featured movie in recent years.
  2. What can bring video game movies into failure?
  3. Should movies continue to base on video games? (survey)

Nowadays, film industry produced a lot of movies adaption video games. They believed that movie studios transformed video games to movies as an opportunity to attract loyal fan into cinema while it gave the video game industry revenues and better media coverage (Picard, n.d). However, it is unsuccessful when it is released. Therefore, I would like to research matters related to this topic.

In this video, I have included the citation of my video to illustrate the relationship of some details between movies and video games that movie studios have included. People can compare them that put on the film excellent or cause disappointing reactions when the audience was watching movies as watching a trailer for a game.

After my pitch, I needed to have a specific plan of uploading time, promoting my Youtube channel and the videos. For this reason, I used the Gantt chart to create the schedule of my projects.


My gantt chart


Part 1 on Share game share film:



Academic source:

Bittanti, M 2003, ‘The Technoludic Film:Images of Video Games in Movies (1973–2001)’, Entertainment Computing, vol 112, p. 307 -312.

THE ADVENTURES OF THE NARRATIVE’, New Semiotics Between Tradition and Innovation, vol. 144, p. 1290 – 1295.

Picard, M n.d, ‘ Video Games and Their Relationship with Other Media’, Video Game History: From Bouncing Blocks to a Global Industry, p. 1 – 9.

Popular source:

Boxer, S 2013, ‘ How video games are transforming the film industry’, The Guardian, viewed 5 August 2019, <https://www.theguardian.com/technology/shortcuts/2013/nov/17/video-games-transforming-film-industry&gt;

Humphery-Jenner, M 2017, ‘Too big, too expensive and too silly: why video game movies fail’, The Conversation, viewed 6 August 2019, <https://theconversation.com/too-big-too-expensive-and-too-silly-why-video-game-movies-fail-71336&gt;

MacDonald, K 2018, ‘Movie adaptations of video games are still mostly terrible. Why has no one cracked the code?’, The Guardian, viewed 5 August 2019, <https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/mar/29/movie-adaptations-video-games-terrible-crack-code&gt;

Sanza, E 2017, ‘How to Make a Film Based on a Video Game’, Geek, view 29 August 2019, <https://vocal.media/geeks/how-to-make-a-film-based-on-a-video-game>

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