Dagwood ‘Diggity’ Doggo


Creating a board game by no means of the imagination is an easy feat. With a plethora of ideas for an Ameritrashhidden information style themed game to be my major project, my vision became a dimly lit tunnel with little way to navigate my way out of it and find a solution. I had formulated a theme and mechanics for a dungeons and dragons-esque board hidden information game set in Egypt where players would work together at some points and double cross each other at the next.

It was confusing and blatantly too much to handle. Parting ways with this idea was such with sweet sorrow, but left room for me to be free creatively without the baggage of cheating on such a board game idea. I was being precious.

Graphic Content warning for video above. 

Then, almost as if fate itself had handed me an idea, I had…

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