Game Project : The Mars Expedition

Mars Man.jpg
Picture from: The Irish Times

Here’s a board game that we’re working on. We haven’t figure out a name yet but we’re calling it “The Mars Expedition” at the moment. This post will be focusing on the concept, theme and some game mechanics.

So here we go.

The game is set on the future when humans starts a civilization on Mars because the Earth is slowly dying.

Mars Civi
Mars Civilization from : Google 

Because of that, Mars became overpopulated which then will outgrow its resources. Earth is almost dead and mars is in trouble of becoming that. Eventually, Mars became worse than earth because humans in Mars turned into cannibals. Only 55% of its population survived and built a wall to protect themselves.

Picture from : Google 

One fine day, earth decided to share their little remaining resources to help the citizen on Mars. Earth sent a big ship filled with plants, and other resources to Mars. Along the way, the ship’s flight recorder was badly damaged by asteroids which resulted a flight malfunction. The ship crashed somewhere in Mars and 65% of its goods were destroyed and eaten by the hungry Mars cannibals. But, the 35% of its remains stands inside a cryptic security box which only the survivors knows the code.  Now, it’s up to the survivors to reach the box and take it back to the camp.

The game will feature 5 characters:

  • Harvester (resource expert)
  • Military Guy (for protection)
  • Engineer (to get through obstacles)
  • Medic (medical specialist for healing other players)
  • Navigator (has the map in his head)

Players will start at the survivor camp. The game mechanic is similar to Pandemic, each players will have 4 moves and has to use it wisely. They can separate, but it’s not a good idea because if the harvester and medical specialist dies, the games over.

Their main goal is to locate the crash site. But it’s not going to be easy because players will have to go through some crazy obstacles like, cannibals, giant holes, mutant alien creatures.

Mars Attack
Picture from: Mars Attacks 

Once it’s located, player(s) will have to return back to base and secure the goods. But watch out, if it takes too long, some might turn into cannibals and destroy the last remaining humans in Mars.

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