OVERWATCH!!!! A new E-Sport?

In a previous blog I brought up how game devs use BETAs to play test their own games similarly to how we’re play testing our own dossiers. So how could I miss this opportunity to talk about Blizzards newest up and coming game “OVERWATCH”. Blizzard held its open BETA over the last weekend, and millions of people were drawn into it.Over 9.7 million people logged on over the span of 7 days and totalling in over 81 million hours in individual play time. With over 190 different countries included in the open BETA, the Overwatch BETA has been the largest BETA the online gaming world has ever seen.


Why is this games popularity and growth important anyway?

Overwatch’s game mode matches very similarly to the Team Fortress 2 game-modes, but with more classes and characters to choose from, with new and updated graphics, people have jumped on board very quickly to compete or even just play with friends. A ranked game mode has already been confirmed and there are already talks of professional E-Sports teams recruiting ex TF2 players to play professionally in a game that hasn’t even been released yet.

Because of the huge success of the BETA, Overwatch has already got its foot stuck in the door competitively,  opening up even more legitimacy to the E-Sports agenda.

In other E-Sports news, popular MOBA League of Legends has wriggled its way into the Eastern University Games competition as one of the newest sports! UOW has been holding regular comps and LANs and is rapidly getting closer to finding its very own LoL Team!




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  1. It’s so interesting though, that because it’s a blizzard game they can get their foot in the door really easily into the e-sports scene. Games they’ve made before like hearthstone, which have tournaments all the time. I feel like this is going to be their biggest, most competitive game yet. Honestly, I’m excited to see what this game has for us eSport enthusiasts in the future.


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