Chiptunes, and a Game to Match

> Group of One

For my “group” digital artefact, I’ve so far crafted four short pieces of music that embody different emotions and situations to experiment with the range of feeling I can evoke through music. You can listen to all four in this playlist:

From here, I will craft more pieces and extend them as needed to create full-length songs, or appealing loops. I estimate perhaps four or five full songs in total to present as my “group” digital artefact – a mighty small group of one, as it stands, but I would like to collaborate with others if our projects align.

I will continue to develop this music to become part of my next project…

> A Game as an Experience

My individual game dossier will detail the creation of a short digital game. Using GameMaker Studio, I will mock-up one “room” of the game that will be able to stand on its own as a minute-long story and atmospheric piece. This room will be developed with GameMaker Studio, on Windows and for Windows for now as I learn the ins and outs of the tools I will be using.

It would be interesting to explore the topic of isolation, having the player character only able to see and interact with an object, similar in concept to the companion cube from Portal, or Wilson from Castaway. The goal of this game will be to develop a connection between the player and the object by exploring the different types encounters the player can have with the object.

The player character will have no name, and perhaps no appearance as well. I want to experiment with a silhouette visual style in order to more thoroughly build an atmospheric experience. The object will not move when in the player’s sight, but it will change its position and communicate with the player through signage and environmental cues. This will, hopefully, evoke two trains of thought – that the object itself is sentient, or that another character exists in the game’s periphery and is following the player. I want this mystery to stay unresolved.

From here, I must develop the game itself: mechanics, incentives; everything that makes a game a game.

> Style Map


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  1. This is really cool. I’m getting a limbo feel, and that’s great. I do have some questions though.

    How are you going to establish the cube’s relationship to the player? What kind of signs? Do the player and cube play out a story? How do these signs and environmental cues work together?

    The music is really cool. I like it..


  2. Let me start off by saying I love the music and the background you have placed! You are really going deep into how you want your gamers to be consumed into your game. From the beginning I had a sense that the game would be solely on something to do with a solo game and seeing the word, ‘isolation’ I could see what game you are wanting to make. I believe that this game is a puzzle game if I am correct? Is the game as well first person or is it 2D look? I think this will be an awesome game that I will be keeping an eye on. Good work!


  3. Your thoughts on playing with isolation remind me of a game, and an anime.
    I just attempted to google search for the name of the game to no avail. It was a game I played back when you could download little flash games (07/09ish era?), and I’ve thrown out the laptop it was on in the last year or so; I honestly cannot remember for the life of me what it was called, but I do know the concept.
    In the game you were a stick figure. You lived in a comic style universe which reminds me of an XKCD vibe, and you progress through life. As you go, you are alone. You talk to yourself as you discover things, you wander on, progress through ‘levels’ of sorts, and find new places. At one point I remember the character comes across a girl, and for a while, you help each other progress through the game, until you reach a point where you have to leave her behind in order to continue playing, leaving you alone once again, commenting on the loneliness of life. In hindsight; it sounds really depressing, but it was a very absorbing game.
    The anime it reminds me of is called Clannad, as there are often cut scenes which focus on the storyline of this girl in a different world who is alone, and so she creates a robot friend for herself. This robot comes to life and tries to help the girl find a better place. ( I haven’t finished the anime yet (uni started hahaha), but it also plays on this idea of isolation and being alone.

    I think what was so effective about this stick figure game I remember is the connection you created between the character and yourself. You felt empathy for this character as he wandered alone, the idea of the game was based around the fact that he is alone, and wandering through life to find something, anything, to fill this void, and so you try to help him reach something which will change this status. When you finally come across this girl, you are happy for his character and continue playing with this new addition, and when you have to leave her behind it’s shattering. If you could achieve a connection like this in your game, I think that would be bloody amazing.

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  4. This is really cool, although over done, idea. This project really looks like it has a lot of potential, and relationships in games with seemingly inatimate objects are difficult, but when executed, are the best ones in my opinion. Games such as Thomas Was Alone is a great example of a game where the player and an object form an intense bond, despite it only being a cube. I highly recommend playing through it as research.


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