Student Created Tabletop Games 2021

Hungry Hong Kong – Jessie Yuen Ching Chiu

Fantasy Race by Minh Chau Lai Nguyen

Tet Banquet by Ha Thu Nguyen

Survivor by Flora Liu

Memory King by Yidi Weng

Travel Killer by Qinyu Zeng

2 Minutes of Chaos by Amy Micallef

An Eye for Conspiracy by Grace M Boulatouf

Now Commencing Lockdown by Alicia McFadden

Who is it by Ruby Losinno

Cafe Rumble by Tobias Thomas

Line Em Up by Danielle Godden

Escaping Wyvern by Lorena Farreras

AirFried by Bella Cresswick

Power Cycle by Hunter Smith

Vacation Verified by Michaela Shales

Let’s Get Chatting by Isabell Ambrosi

Resist and Conquer by Matt Wright

The Tribes of Shadycreek Run by Hannah Geremia

Stars in Space Game and Dossier by Casey Evans

Venandi by Alex Cooper

Cane Toad Carnage by Benjamin Sigmond.

Witherland by Seth Galvin

Bit-Timers, Bims and Bootleggers by Charlea Schembri

WordRacer by Josephine Doyle

Silly by Lauren Qualye-Blake

Stab in the Dark by Kate Grimwood

My Mood by Katelyn Giuditta

Tech Talk by Melanie Nickl

Isolated by Daniel Whitney

A Matter of Mystery by Olivia Burt

Siege of Windasport by Blake Hoole

Why Me by Jett Townsend

Give it a Bone Part A and Part B by Brittany Birt

Die Fighting by Dayle Beazley

Destination Unknown Part A and Part B by Brittany Manning

2020 The Game by Casey Darling

GAME: LET’S GET CHATTING by Isabella Ambrosi

What Was That by Laura Wilson

What’s Your Problem by Jordan Arlenghi

Magazine Mayhem by Emma Jenkins

Ideafeed by Rachel Weisz

Monster Super Star by Victoria Chan

Cats vs Rats by Emma Fowler

Dig Deeper by Stephanie Jory

Disarray by Leo Twemlow