The year of pandemic meant significant changes to the way the subject operated. As a result, students were able to adopt the Digital Artifact model for the major projects in the subject while others continued with the game experience design as usual.

Stoked: Bodyboarding’s Endless World Tour Challenge by Sophie Leathers

The Year 2050 by Mikayla Stott

Adventureland by Travis Matterson-Blogg

Dance Trivia by Ashlan Waldock
DANCE TRIVIA (Print and Play Version)

How history has shaped tabletop game design by Tamara Goldsmith

Re-playing Games from Childhood – By Susan Alderman

Hover by Mara Willingham

Stockade by Jordan Boyle

Let’s Talk by Nathan Peter Sullivan

Making a DD Setting by Elena Bozic

Badlands by Nathan Rathsam

Find an Animal by Boden Todd

Cosmic Mercenaries Dossier by Mauricio Cartwright.

Tartarus by Jasmyn Connell

Mystery on the Moon by Josh Cook

Dress for Success by Joshua Crawley

Oscilfunk by Timothy Cuff

Space Race by Sam Cunningham

Tabletop Auto-Battler by Harrison East 

Designing a One-Shot RPG Campaign Experience Using D&D’s 5th Edition by Julia Farrington

How Dungeons and Dragons can help your writing by Sarah Holiday

DON’T KALE MY VIBE by Isabella Joannou