Life As A Gamer

Ally vs the Universe

What is a Game?

The dictionary definition of a game is an amusement or a pastime . However a game can be much more than that. The more games we play, the more our definition begins to broaden. Some may argue that a game is made up of both systems and stories and others such as Johan Huzinga have argued that playing games is a meaningful activity that is unconcerned with materiality.

Games can be made up of varying factors of time, space, materials and behaviour (Moore & Hall, 2021). In this blog, I would like to give a detailed account of my gameplay experience, so we can better grasp our own interpretations of gameplay. To begin with, I am going to explain game genres, themes, settings and mechanics so we can better understand my game play experience. 

Genres & Industries:

Games can be subcategorised into genres such as…

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