A deep dive into Flash Point: Fire Rescue


Flash Point: Fire Rescue (2011), created by Kevin Lanzing, is the game I’ll be analysing. As we were given the game, we immediately looked over the rules. There was a lot of material in the rulebook, and we had a hard time deciding where to begin. As a team, we started to set up the game and followed the simple version of the rules, and the rulebook helped us figure out the game’s mechanics. After setting the board, we each chose a character representing us as the firefighter. Reading the cards, observing the pieces, and analysing the board were other ways in which I learned the structure of the game and its storyline.

From the beginning, I was still confused by the game’s rules, and throughout the game, I was still reading the rulebook, which was a little boring because of the game’s high level of detail. The longer we…

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