Contextual Report: The Impact of Paratexts

Beyond Interpretation


“Hold on, what’s a paratext again?”

I will be using League of Legends to represent my analysis

“Hold on, what’s League of Legends?”

League of Legends or “League” is a team-based game developed by Riot Games, comprised of you being in control of one out of more than 140 playable champions, in a team of 5 players to defeat the enemy’s nexus and team along the way.

How Many Champions are in League of Legends Currently?
League of Legends Champions and counting…

League has come a long way since its release in late 2009, as its fan base grows, so did the game. Present time: League has expanded its brand to such a remarkable extent due to its development of multi-dimensional paratexts that introduces and evolves meaning and value. You may even know some of these paratexts, such as K/DA, Star Guardians, and Arcane (we will visit back to these later). My analysis indicates that…

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